Thursday, January 25, 2007

Erasing History

Bob Tyrrell:
As part of his 2005 plea agreement, Berger promised to take a lie detector test. He never did. This week in a letter to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, 18 Republican congressmen have asked that the Justice Department proceed with the polygraph testing of Berger. It is more critical today than it might have been back in April of 2005. This autumn a congressional committee made an astounding discovery regarding the contents of Berger's socks. The Archives had failed to catalogue the materials that they gave him to review. No one aside from Berger has any idea what he took from the Archives. He may have doctored documents. He may have destroyed documents. There have been many distinguished former government officials who lived to write their version of the history they participated in. Berger is the rare government official who has lived to erase history. A polygraph test might reveal how much history he erased.
I doubt it. A lie detector will only confirm that he lies.