Sunday, November 11, 2007

Millions For Defense

Peter H. Odegard and Alan Barth, 1941:
More than a million Americans have loaned money to their Government since the Defense Savings Bond program was inaugurated last May. They have loaned, in aggregate, well over a billion and a half dollars. They have loaned this money on a wholly voluntary basis—in response to appeals to their prudence and patriotism—without any resort whatever to coercion, intimidation or social pressure.

The campaign which is promoting the sale of Defense Savings Bonds is unique in the history of the United States. It is, moreover, a kind of campaign which could be undertaken in no other country in the world—a kind of campaign peculiarly adapted to the democratic pattern of American life, simultaneously exploiting and extolling American traditions and institutions.

This campaign has by now succeeded in bringing a knowledge of the Defense Savings program to virtually every resident of the United States; it can be fairly sad today that almost all Americans know what Defense Stamps and Bonds are, know where they can be bought, why they should be bought, what they cost and what they give.
What they cost, and what they give.

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