Thursday, January 17, 2008

Warm Day at the Beach?

One of the models is calling for the Brookings effect tomorrow.
Afternoon weather Friday, January 18
Temp 63 to 72 degrees
Wind 11 to 12 mph
Mostly Sunny
According to Wikipedia
When the dry, cool air of the interior approaches the coast, it descends along the slopes of the coastal mountains, and is funneled down the Chetco River valley. By the time it reaches the coastal towns of Brookings and Harbor, which are separated by the Chetco River, the air is likely to be much warmer and drier. Even in mid-winter, temperatures of 20C (68F) or higher are very possible during such a pattern.
The forecasters don't think the model's correct. We'll see.

Update: The discussion thinks it's right:
The offshore winds and milder temps should result in upper 60s today at Brookings...
If I was unemployed and had a tank full of gas, I'd head over there.

Update: It got up to 63 there today (Thursday). That's at the airport, of course. It might have been warmer down on Harris Beach.

Update: It got up to 64 on Friday. OK, so the forecasters were right to be skeptical. Still, not bad weather for January. Wish I was there.