Saturday, February 16, 2008

Vintage Cessna 140 Destroyed

I haven't blogged an airplane crash in quite a while.
It was after midnight that Edgington lost contact with the Rochester airport on his way from New Richmond, Wisconsin to Fulton, Missouri, with a planned stop in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Edgington had reportedly purchased the Cessna 140 in Wisconsin on Friday.

According to Sheriff Terese Amazi, in Edgington's wallet was a business card identifying him as a pilot for American Airlines.
This one's interesting because it follows a familiar theme: Airline pilot buys a small plane and, without all the bells and whistles he's used to, can't fly it.

Update: My facts were wrong.
Here's email I received this morning:
Just came across your Saturday blog while Googling for articles.

FYI, the pilot who crashed in Grand Meadow (who was a family friend, incidentally) had been flying small planes like that for years — had over 21,000 hours in the air, and had flown that type of plane many times before. Also, initial news articles had it wrong - he crashed about 1:09 PM Friday, not early Saturday morning as was initially reported - he left New Richmond about noon Friday. He would never have flown in that weather at night in that kind of plane. Very cautious pilot.

Most likely scenario is equipment failure or weather problem — FAA will be several months figuring things out so no one knows yet. Yeah, it could indeed have been pilot error, but it was certainly not inexperience in that plane that did him in.
I apologize.