Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Second Blogiversary

A year ago I celebrated my First Blogiversary. This is my second. I reviewed the first year chronologically but this time I'm going topically.

Into the Wild
I photographed the Easter Wildflowers on Nugget Butte, as well as the Radio Beacon Tower, the Rogue River Valley, and Gold Hill At Sunrise. All these hikes I took alone, except for the little Grey Fox, whom I saw three times last year. (The last time was the strangest; ask me about it some time.)

Then the family joined me for a Father's Day Hike. Lizzy and I spent Sunday Morning on Pilot Rock and climbed Union Peak. A week later I enjoyed Guinness At The Summit of Mt. McLoughlin with Greg and the rest of the over-the-hill gang.

In August I spotted a Wood Gnome; in September I did a very strange thing and enjoyed an early morning View From Pilot Rock; and in December: Oh! Christmas Tree, an annual tradition.
Blue Yonder
In May I started Flying Again, spent some time In The Pattern At S03, remembered that my EB-6 was Faster Than The Darned Shipboard Computer, and learned A Mountain Flying Lesson. To the passengers I said And To Your Left... (oh, never mind) and there's Cape Blanco.

Meanwhile I kept noting various airplane crashes. We got to Hear The Snow Crunch at Beaver Marsh, watch a 1941 Taylorcraft sink in the Willamette, and mourn a Vintage Cessna 140 Destroyed in Wisconsin. I believe it's important for a pilot to keep these things in mind.
Happy Holidays
One of the pleasures of blogging is taking note of special days. My priorities may be little different than most: I noted the third anniversary of Ronald Reagan's death and the twentieth anniversary of Mr. Gorbachev, Open This Gate! That line almost didn't make it, you know. But Reagan said so I get to decide if that line stays in? Well Then, It Stays In. And the wall came tumbling down.

I posted four times for the Fourth: Presenting the Draft (Trumbull), For Purple Mountain Majesties (Bates), This American Identity (Steinbeck), and Harris Beach, July 4, 2007 (Leslie, me, and the kids).

I noted, as I always do, 6 August 1945, and for the same reason I always note 7 December 1941: Our Bullets Will Do It.

October 17, 1987 was The Sweetest Day, and last year the twentieth anniversary thereof.

We also carved Jack O'Lanterns for Guy Fawkes Night, pogled up Millions For Defense, and thereby provided for one more Thanksgiving. Anton Raphael Mengs was our Christmas artist.
The Library Issue
The big issue last year was our over-priced libraries. Long story short, we wound up with the same libraries at half the price. Read these if you want the details.
  1. Force Feeding Tax Increases
  2. Tale Of Two Counties
  3. Three Articles On Libraries
  4. Library Cost Comparison
  5. We Will Vote No On 15-75
  6. Anarchy To Reign
  7. Same Service 40% Less
  8. They're Getting Closer
  9. Libraries To Re-Open
  10. Don't Want No Stinkin' Volunteers
Self-Referential Snark
James Taranto asked what the heck is are Web Loggers, anyway? Dave Burge posed an Apt Simile. More Like Cleaning A Litter Box, I observed.
Odds and Ends
Along the way I fished out some really choice nuggets.

There was Sidewalk Art and the Mr. Lee CatCam, Deep Fried Neon and Smoking Puppies. There was the case of Patrol Dog Chokes On Patrol Car and the lady who made Forty Thou A Year selling tumbleweeds. There were patients in their gowns with their IV poles standing on the sidewalk smoking (I'd Like To See That), and Byron the bulb.

And finally there were two heartwarming stories, and I mean that sincerely. If you do nothing else, check out The Daily Coyote and the story of One Last Tip.
Has it all been worth it? Some days, I don't know. As I pointed out recently, it's a dirty job but someone's got to do it. Other days it just seems so natural. As Ruby the Card once said, "I link, therefore I blog." That about sums it up, I guess.

I will point out that I was joined this year by both the in-laws and the out-laws. We'll check with them next summer and ask them the same thing.