Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Current Fantasy

I went to the Medford Rifle and Pistol Club's Semi-Annual Fall Gun Show for two reasons. First I wanted to look at all the rifles and see if any of them were even half as beautiful as the one I own. None were. Second I wanted to look at all the pistols and see if there was anything that really fit my small hands. There was.

On a table in the back corner in amongst the used 45s there was a small black pistol that looked oddly familiar. I picked it up and wrapped my fingers around it. It fit. I hefted it. Not bad for an all metal gun. I put on my glasses and looked at the slider. "Carl Walther Model PP Cal. 7.65 mm." I wasn't familiar with that one.

When I got home I looked it up. Oh yes.
"Walther PPK. 7.65 mm., with a delivery like a brick through a plate glass window. Takes a Brausch silencer with very little reduction in muzzle velocity. The American CIA swear by them." — Major Boothroyd to James Bond, in Dr. No.
That Walther. They've gone in and out of style over the years but Smith & Wesson wound up with the license and they're still making them, with improvements, at their Houlton, Maine plant. The little beauty above goes for just under $500 with two clips. And there's a $50 rebate until the first of the year. (Except their server's down right now.)