Thursday, March 26, 2009

Third Blogiversary

Topics in April ranged from Cute Diplomacy to Non-Deterministic Finite Automata, with Really Old Stuff, Astounding Science Fiction, and Graupel in between. I had a dream in which The Face Was Oddly Familiar, and Albert Hoffman died.

In May we started with a Big Bottom, went from NC to CA for $3.50, and took a Bad Karma Cure-All.

The month of June heralded our third annual Summer Reading List, started my Chandler kick, and brought days of Sun-Blessed, Windswept Liberty. I returned, du temps perdu, to the St. Joe's School Band.

July called for Boxed Wine Over Ice, hikes in Mt. Ashland Meadows, and 108° in Brookings, Oregon. My Chandler kick continued. In the background storm clouds gathered, but we ignored them. His Screaming Fans didn't.

In August we considered a Fifty-Foot Proboscis, Nagasaki Day, and Death By Blown Tire. We could no longer ignore the storm: Is Obama The Messiah? Or Else What? We read A Little Background and took some Notes On The Oration. Like, What, Me Worry?

Then McCain named Palin and all hell broke loose. It was a great time to be alive and blogging. The Week Aug 29 to Sept 4, 2008 — from the announcement to the acceptance speech — is a little slice of history, preserved for all time, and has its own link in the sidebar.

After The Speech the rest of September was anticlimactic. It was mostly all Palin all the time, with time off for Chihuahua jokes, Feline Squatters, and the Cranberry Festival Report.

October was gruelling. I Put The Field Sign Up and worried about those who Vote Dead In Ohio. I felt like Linus waiting for The Great Pumpkin. Then, just before Halloween, I Won!

As November opened I made My Predictions, followed by an ever-increasing Sense of Foreboding. On Wednesday the 5th it was apparent that Alaska had won. I was disappointed but Not Berry Blue, in spite of What I Said. There were still things to be thankful for.

In December I snapped the Christmas Kitty, posted my Diet Advice, and encouraged global warming with Christmas Power Lighting. This year's theme was Longfellow's Christmas Bells.
"The Wrong shall fail,
The Right prevail,
With peace on earth, good-will to men."
January brought a Balloon Slaughter and a Milk Jug Massacree. There's something about an incoming Democrat administration that makes you want to spend time at the range. Distractions also included a Pinhole Timewarp and Living In The Past. I prefer it there.

In February we decided to Tell The Paper Boy, "Scram, Kid." Maybe it was the The Defiance Impulse. Gamblers and Losers got me thinking about Guns and Butter. Then, jeez, to top it off, Paul Harvey died.

I really identified with Clint Eastwood: Get Off My Lawn. March is like that sometimes. I started dreaming about The Hula Hula Dance. We went on Our Hawai‘ian Hi‘atus. That led me to consider my solution to the income tax: No Income No Tax.

One of these days, mark my words, I'm going to quit.