Monday, March 29, 2010

Fourth Blogiversary

appy_burfday_to_me.jpgIt was a good year. I celebrated the Double Nickel, significant Milestones for all three kids, and Twenty-Two Years of wonderful marriage. Along the way we visited The Sylvanite Mine, watched the Cranberry Festival Parade, got Our Christmas Trees, and marked Ground Hog Day.

zeta_munitions_first_product.jpgMy new hobby arrived in The Big Brown TruckSome Assembly Required. I felt like an eight-year-old Atomic Scientist as I Spent The Weekend In My Bunker making ammunition. It all paid off in early November when I got My First Buck and made him into Grandma Hammersley's Old-Time Mincemeat.

staff_sergeant_stanley_langeberg.jpgMy other hobby came as a packet of Letters From the Southwest Pacific. I read Eric M. Bergerud's Touched with Fire, Signaller Johnston's New Guinea diaries, and a dozen other books. Here's the Bibliography. My wife and I transcribed the letters and I wrote a brief historical background: From Oregon to Australia, and New Guinea, and we printed it up for all the family to read. Next year maybe I can put it online.

palin_at_woodland_mall.jpgThere was no avoiding politics, death, and taxes. Tax Day in Oregon meant tea parties in Medford, Klamath Falls, and Grants Pass. I attended them all, slapped a Palin For Prez sticker on my car, and told The Doctor that I'm Not Buying It unless it's Simple and Cheap. In the end it was neither. Tax season delivered another Swift Kick and I resolved that a law repugnant to the Constitution is void and I Will Not Obey.

keel_da_google.gifIn my spare time I penned A Brief Treatise on Race, a succinct essay on Currency and Money, and capable enough software to let me keel da Google: BlogWare Exposed!

The Woof Is Back and he ain't never goin' away. Not as long as there's 45 Million Year Old Beer.