Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fifth Blogiversary

Five years have passed since I started this blog, and I have no intention of stopping. I may get old and Hard of Thinking, but when that happens you'll read it here first. This is my chart.

Family and Friends

I had to replace My Old Boots to go on the Father’s Day Hike and see Shasta From Grouse Gap Shelter. Happy Happy days. In August The Original Nine got together for Szechuan Planked Salmon. September reminds us that School Rhymes With Cruel but at least we could look forward to My Thanksgiving Pies, the Christmas Tree Harvest, Gloria In Excelsior, and a Merry Christmas. I got My New Desk. In February I hiked with The Table Rock Gang, and had a delicious Valentines Lunch.

Food and Drink

I blogged about the Necessities of Life, Tuna, Urban Chickens, and other Adventures in Diet. I discovered an Off-Label Leg Tonic and Small, Gray, and Tasty treats. As for getting fat, I wondered First, Why? Forget Atkins. Just Give Me The Condensed Version.

Way Up North

Our big Alaskan adventure started with a little Preflight Humor. In Anchorage we met Sky Kelsey, Fiddler. We headed north for a Glacier Landing and then Southward to Seward. We dined with the Mermaids in Homer, saw the Kenai River Green, and looked down on Anchorage at Sunset. We took hundreds of photographs and brought home a few Souvenirs. We can't wait to go again.


In May The Antiquarian died, prompting memories of Uncle Keith and Mom in better times. Keith’s House was a mess. It took weeks to clean it up. He may have been gone but the census Enumerated him anyway. I spent an afternoon documenting Uncle Keith’s Twenty Acres. Later I took home The Old Desk and Phone, along with a few worn out guns.

...and Taxes

I tried to avoid politics but there's no escaping Tax Slavery Day. You know what? We don't want to be done good to. In June when the Gulf was Light, Sweet, Crude, Delicious I bought stock in BP. Good news was the State Land Grab Thwarted. But For My Liberal Friends I Got The Field Signs Up in September and watched the Hippies Come Home in October. It Happens Every Time. Did you ever wonder Why Your Dishwasher Doesn’t Work Anymore? In March I observed that Fukushima Is Not Chernobyl and set about Investing in the Apocalypse. Everybody wanted to know What’s a milliSievert? My answer: 25 Terawatt-Hours of Death.

Life Goes On

In spite of the ongoing recession I got a few New Toys. Testing... One. Two. Three. Is this thing on? What, no ChemFET? I set about Earthquake Mapping. For my birthday I got a DSLR camera with Manual Exposure. I photographed Table Rock at Sunrise, the Gold Hill Market, a Sunrise Ascent, and the Evening 504 to Glendale.

It was not a bad year. Parts were very good. Other parts, less so. But stay tuned. The best is yet to come.