Sunday, March 31, 2012

Sixth Blogiversary

The sixth year of the Woof was a hard one. So hard that when the time came to celebrate another blogiversary my heart wasn't in it. The date came and went, and the sixth was never noted. A year later we're doing better and, looking back on it, it wasn't so bad.

There Is Always Family

We had Fun Cars for Less Than $3000 — way less. Up north there were a Couple Eighty Year Old Guys Splitting Firewood. We enjoyed the Blue Lupine.

In June it was Two Down, One to Go. And while there Still Ain't No Cure for the Jobless Summer I think Charlie kind of enjoyed lazing about on Harris Beach and Rafting the Santiam.

We had Shellfish and Tomato Stew and Labor Day at the Beach. In October we celebrated Twenty Four. Good ones, too.

Then disaster struck. I Don't Like To Complain but sometimes I do. Thank You for your sympathy. Within days I was well enough to observe the Mysterious Standing Rocks, enjoy the Early Winter Storm, and celebrate Thanksgiviing at Lizzy's. One must always keep in mind Bucky’s Spiritual Advice.

In December we made a Formal Announcement and got our Christmas Trees. In lieu of new blogging I posted a Christmas Compendium. The new year brough us a Trestle In Sunlight and the OIT Family Weekend. What A Blast.

Matters of Work and Taxes

It was not a good year but it was interesting. In May I published My Android App and my Compass Calibration. I had a Weird Dream about finding work, Drove to Sacramento... and got the job.

Saw Shasta Coming and going. You Know the Steak’s Done when the smoke alarm goes off. I saw Thunderstorms in Bigfoot County, filed Articles of Incorporation, saw Lenticular Capped Shasta, and then without warning I was Between Contracts.

I passed the time Spreadsheeting the Books and looking for work. Suddenly I was Busy, Sorry. Took a trip up the coast to see the Jaunty Little Otter. Nothing came of it. Went back to work on Pimples. Before I knew it, it was time once again for the Naturally Aspirated Tax.


In September 27th I posted five Possible Explanations. As it turns out, my third conjecture was correct. Einstein's still chuckling.