Wednesday, March 28, 2012


What is the smallest caliber you trust to protect yourself?

My personal favorite defense gun has always been a Beretta Jetfire in 22 short. I've carried it for many years including while hiking. I never leave without it in my pocket. Of course the first rule when hiking in the wilderness is to use the "Buddy System". This it means you NEVER hike alone, you bring a friend, companion, or family member.

I remember one time while hiking with a companion when out of nowhere came this huge brown bear charging us and was she MAD. We must have been near one of her cubs. Anyway, if I had not had my little Jetfire, I wouldn't be here today. Just one quick shot to my companion's kneecap and I was able to escape by just walking at a brisk pace. It's one of the best pistols in my collection.
Dave Hardy.