Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tab Clearing

If the big time bloggers like Tam can do it, so can I.
  • The Mrs. McQueen stance. Cute. Not accurate, but cute.
    (Of course, it depends what your aim is.)

  • Eating meat speeds reproduction. (Also very cute.)
    If early humans had been vegans we might all still be living in caves...
    Some, I think, would prefer that still.

  • Which classical character are you?

    Odysseus, of course. I knew that before I took the quiz.

    Odysseus is the middle-aged hero. In the final scene he stands flanked by Telemachus on one side and Laertes on the other. He and his son banter about who is the braver. "What a day for me, dear gods! What joy—" says old Laertes, "my son and my grandson vying over courage!"

    Then the old man lets fly and saves the day. Thanks, Dad.

    And finally...

  • High-Diving in the Kiddie Pool. He just don't know it yet. Let's not tell him.