Monday, June 18, 2012

What Is Everyone So Worried About?

Frank J. Flemming looks at the worst case scenarios.
For instance, what's the worst that could happen to us if we never get a handle on our finances — if we just keep spending and spending while the economy crumbles further? I guess in the absolute worst-case scenario, we'd have a complete economic meltdown, our money would become worthless, our government would collapse, and our infrastructure would fall apart. Basically, all of civilization would be destroyed.

Again, that is the absolute worst case — it is somewhat possible that things not as bad as that could happen. But even if the worst does happen — and modern civilization does end — what does that mean for us? Well, America still has plenty of forests where we can collect branches to build crude shelters and hunt animals to skin for clothing and eat for food. So even if things are as bad as we can possibly imagine, we have this nice fallback option of becoming hunter-gatherers again. People might even enjoy their new, simpler living conditions. People do like camping. And the movie The Hunger Games was pretty popular. Plus, this would pretty much end childhood obesity.