Sunday, March 31, 2013

Seventh Blogiversary

It was an odd year. We began it so desperately deep in economic depression that we couldn't bring ourselves to recap the previous year. And yet by the end of the year we had, if not begun to dig ourselves out, at least found shovels and determined which way was up. The change was so profound that in our more unguarded moments we broached optimism.

On A Personal Note

I got back to My Musical Roots and enjoyed the occasional Friday Concert. Up to my ankles in angst I Take Back All the Bad Things I Said About Shostakovich.

For further diversion I published a photo of Our House In 1917 and settled down to Wilderness Survival, Armchair Style in the company of The Dave and Cody Show. Evenings and weekends I nailed down hardwood floors and wrecked my shoulder.

By mid-June we were deeply into Much Ado About Nothing (Act III, Scene 4) but before we knew it they were Leaving On Their Honeymoon.

Then it was time to think about Breakfast for the 20th Annual Durand Campout which, in keeping with the times, included Gluten-Free Waffles. Wildfires in August were Too Close For Comfort. We lit out for the seashore with Charlie and Barbie. We watched as Wally Gets His Wings.

In November I attended the premier of Jungleers in Battle in the company of a 41st Infantry Division widow and her lovely daughter.

In December we went on our Umpteenth Annual Christmas Tree Expedition and said Hello Roseburg! The we said hello to Gingerbread Enterprises Inc., sang Oh Kitten Tree, and counted our Christmas Booty.

As Winter dragged on we wondered about KWH vs Temp. Finally the term ended and we announced that It's Official... And so it was.

Meanwhile On The National Scene

We were Milking the Middle Class and watching the Facebook Faceplant. The newly nationalized greed industry made me Sick At Heart. But Frank asked What Is Everyone So Worried About?

The Rebellion Begins at home where Oregon's Outstanding unemployment numbers, That Now Famous Photo, and Clint Eastwood at the RNC all convinced me that our cause was not lost, which it was. Where Does the Money Go? Next time I'm Voting for Senator Kevin. All together now like Lemmings Off the Fiscal Cliff.

Ungovernable is not a bug, she said. We settled down to live like Winston and Molly. It's enough to drive you to Pen, Paper, and Stamp.

Quinoa Brings Wealth; Peasants Hardest Hit. We quietly enjoyed Gun Appreciation Day, some Idiot Rod Humor, our Unemployment In Color, and the Right to Keep and Drive Arms.

What about the next election? Imagine None of the Above.

Sunday, March 31, 2013


The Sixth Blogiversary post, which went missing last March, has mysteriously reappeared. Sorry about that. These things happen.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Begin With A Simple Fact

An examination of the writing of a British 18th Century author such as Dr. Johnson, and a writer from 100 years later, such as Charles Dickens, reveals that there was no increase in that time in the cost of a loaf of bread or the rental of a simple but respectable residential room in London. There were soaring economic bubbles and bone-cracking depressions, and prices followed supply and demand, but the essential currency value was constant.
Conrad Black writing in the New York Sun.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

In Cyprus Bank Holds Up You

in_cyprus_bank_holds_up_you.pngIt could happen here, too, but I think it would be a little messier.

In addition to tar, feathers & pitchforks, we have assault weapons. And tanks.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pope Francis

pope_francis.jpgCardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the 76-year-old archbishop of Buenos Aires. Lots to read in The Wall Street Journal.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Blood From Turnips

Finish juggling the books, fill out Federal Form 1120S, including Schedules B and K, and K-1s for all the shareholders (both of us), then Oregon Form 20-S, then on to Form 1040, Schedules A and E, and Form 8917, then Oregon Form 40, then write checks, hunt down stamps, address envelopes, four copies of everything...

Done yet?

With last year, maybe.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Water Bears to Phobos

tardigrade_eyeofscience_thumb.jpgWhat the Russians are up to.
The far-ranging survivability of these extremophiles was tested in 2011 outside an orbiting space shuttle. Tardigrades are so durable partly because they can repair their own DNA and reduce their body water content to a few percent. Some of these miniature water-bears almost became extraterrestrials recently when they were launched toward to the Martian moon Phobos on board the Russian mission Fobos-Grunt...
But the rocket failed.

Monday, March 4, 2013

In the Mail Today

hj_lim_complete_sonatas.jpgBeethoven: Complete Piano Sonatas by HJ Lim.

It's very different.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Imagine None of the Above

Last fall we had a little election to choose our district's congers man. There were three people running [Brit. standing], one for the Democrat and Working Families Party, one for the Republican Party, and one for the Libertarian Party.


In Eastleigh, UK, this last week, in an election of no more national significance than ours, there were by contrast 14 candidates, including David Bishop from the Elvis Loves Pets Party, Howling Laud Hope of the Monster Raving Loony William Hill Party, and Ray Hall representing the Beer, Baccy and Crumpet Party.

Ray Hall was, of course, John Derbyshire's favourite, and he wound up with a respectable 235 votes; unfortunately not enough to win. But the point is he ran. [Brit. stood]

I'm thinking of standing [Yank. running] for U.S. Representative in 2014. I need your help. First off, what should our Party be called? And second, not entirely an afterthought, what are our issues?

Please email me with your thoughts and heartfelt contributions.

Respectfully yours,
Gordon R. Durand, AKA Zeta Woof
Undeclared Candidate
Representative in Congress, 2nd District

Update: The ideas are rolling in...

Plank 1: Daylight Savings Time [Brit. Summer Time] to be made permanent. What's the use of saving all that daylight if you can't enjoy it in the winter?

Plank 2. 2nd Amendment to become mandatory for all males over the age of six, but squirt guns, pen knives, slingshots, and water balloons would be sufficient.

Keep the contributions coming!

Update: The funds are rolling in...