Monday, June 16, 2014

Call Me Gramps

tabby_kitten_thumb.jpgThis little tabby kitten, a ginger obviously, was born on Saturday about 8:20 in the evening. Nine pounds, eight ounces, nineteen and a half inches. My daughter, who stands something less than five feet tall, labored more than twenty-four hours.

To while away the time in the weeks preceeding the birth I worked in my woodshop on a little cradle boat.

cradle_boat_1_thumb.jpgThe planking is Port Orford cedar, copper riveted. The stem and stern post and knees are Douglas fir left over from building the porch for Lizzy's wedding. So are the davits.

cradle_boat_2_thumb.jpgThe keelson and gunwales are scraps of the super fine-grained fir that Bob Tewksbury used to make our windows. The breast hook and quarter knees are from the walnut tree that Bill helped me cut up.

cradle_boat_3_thumb.jpgThe transom is poplar.

The boat was designed by Warren Jordan of South Beach, Oregon, from an ad I spotted in Wooden Boat magazine while Lizzy was still a baby.

I hope the little kitten likes her craft.