Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dashing Thru Not Much Snow

christmas_tree_harvest_2014_thumb.jpgWe finally got ourselves a four wheel drive pickup so naturally the roads were clear and dry. But we had fun anyway and cut three trees: one for Grandma, one for Miss M., and one for ourselves.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Revised Mincemeat Recipe

The original recipe made about twelve quarts. Since the canner holds seven, that’s too many for one batch and too few for two. So I changed the quantities to make about seven quarts. Along the way I modified and modernized. Compare the original.
3 lbs. venison, cooked and ground
12 mandarin oranges, with peel, ground
24 oz. sweet pickles, ground, with juice
½ gallon apple cider
10 C apples, peeled, cored and sliced
20 oz. raisins
10 oz. currants
4 T molasses
1 t cinnamon
½ t cloves
½ t allspice
½ t ginger
½ t nutmeg
2 cubes butter

Simmer and stir frequently for an hour and pack into jars. Seal and process 30 min.
Use the coarsest grinder your KitchenAid has. When making your pie, if a quart of mincemeat isn’t enough, add an apple or two.

We tried pressure canning but it wouldn't seal. Went back to water bath canning, which is all my mother, grandmother, or great-grandmother ever used. It works great, and no one’s died yet.

Not from mincemeat, anyway.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Hey, John!

gosh_i_wuz_smot_thumb.jpgI found my GRE scores.

Yeah, back in the day I was really, really good at filling in little circles with a No. 2 pencil. It's a lot harder with crayons, which is all they let me have now. So I eat the orange ones, put the green ones up my nose, and color outside the lines with the rest.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Enormous Expense to No Benefit

Theodore Dalrymple is a retired doctor who now writes for Taki Magazine.
I am not a thoroughgoing skeptic about modern medicine, and like almost everyone else I would take myself off to a doctor in the event of illness. If it were not for modern medicine, or comparatively modern medicine, I would have been dead a long time ago. Nevertheless, it is not reassuring that so much of what doctors do, and what I did myself, is less than scientifically sound or justified, and some of it is downright harmful.
He cites a short paragraph in the back of the British Medical Journal (read the article if you want particulars).
What this little paragraph is saying in effect is that untold thousands, possibly even millions, of people around the world are being treated with drugs with actual or potential side effects, at enormous expense and effort, all to no benefit whatsoever to themselves.
This isn't really news. Dr. Atkins used to tell his patients: first, stop taking the drugs. Second, change your diet. But first, stop taking the drugs!