Compass The compass display shows your current bearing and the bearing to your destination. Data fields include your current speed and altitude, and the distance, both horizontal and vertical, to your selected destination. More.


Map The map uses Google's maps and satellite views and shows your current location, a log of your track, your saved positions, and destinations. More.


Satellites The satellites display shows the current GPS satellites, their azimuth and signal-to-noise ratio, and whether they have the current ephemeris data. Data fields include your current latitude, longitude, and altitude, and an estimate of the accuracy of the current GPS fix. More.

Menu Items - All Tabs


Select your next destination from a list of saved positions and pre-loaded destinations. More.


Log your positions at regular intervals. More.

Save Position

Save your current GPS position. More.


Change units, GPS fix frequency, logging frequency, and More.

Menu Items - Compass Tab


Calibrate your compass for greater precision. More.

Send Position

Send your friends a position update. More.

Menu Items - Map Tab

Map View / Satellite View

Switch between Google's map view or satellite view. More.

View Logs

View your previous logs on a map, or delete them. More.

Menu Items - Satellites Tab

Edit Positions

Rename or delete your saved positions. More.

Street Address

Add a position by typing a street address. More.