March 13
Java Programming Links, XP Wiki, books, tools, and technologies.
A Threading Demonstration
     In which two comedians share a microphone.

March 20
The Design of KDialog
     Simplifying the most common GUI task--option setting dialogs.
Debugging Layout Management
     Solving common layout problems.

March 27
The Design of the Resource Package
     Resources, categories, and resource servers. The Collective. The CVS challenge.

April 3 DOT Meeting
Exceptions in Java 1.3 and 1.4
     Try, catch, and finally. Why Sun embraced the Convert Exceptions pattern.
The Collections Classes
     Beyond Vector and Hashtable. Sorting. Why classes override equals().
Java I/O
     The taxonomy of the I/O classes. High performance and low overhead. What's new in 1.4.

April 9
The Design of XML Dialog
     Widgets, delegates, validators, and DTDs in an XML soup--tasty!

April 10
The Design of the Resource Chooser
     Server panels, list models, combo box models, renderers, icons, and filters.

April 17 DOT Meeting
Web Component Development
     Servlets, Java Server Pages, and Apache Tomcat. Deploying web applications.

April 23
My Ideal Development Environment
     Lazy editing, rapid prototyping, and instant exploration. Seeing the forest and the trees.
Building Your Own Tools
     Code generation, reflection, filtering, mangling, and munging.

April 24
How to Write Doc Comments
     JavaDoc tags and options. What to say and not. E-Prime as a second language. The DocCheck utility.
The Design of Help Browser and Kahuna Server
     HTML in the EditorPane. Custom protocols, URL connections, and stream handlers.

May 1
Computer Job Survival Guide
     A discussion of Janet Ruhl's latest book.
Final Thoughts
     Whatever's left unsaid. Last minute instructions. The combination to the safe.