Java Starting Points

The JDK Documentation
Sun's Bug Parade
Tech Tips
The Java Tutorial
The Swing Tutorial
The Swing Connection
Download the API docs

Swing Articles

How to Use Threads
The SpringLayout Class
Keyboard Bindings in Swing
Windows keystroke-actions
The AWT Focus Subsystem
The Preferences API in Java 1.4
How to Use Scroll Panes


Extreme Programming

Extreme Programming Roadmap
Refactoring Home Page
Bad Smells in Code
Continuous Integration
Java Code Conventions
NUnit (testing framework for .Net)
Debugging and Debuggers


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Test Driven Development     on amazon
Refactoring     on amazon
Effective Java Programming     on amazon

Doc Comments

How to Write Doc Comments
Javadoc 1.4 Tool Reference
The Doc Check Doclet
E-Prime as a Tool for Critical Thinking
To Be or Not: An E-Prime Anthology