Lazy Editing

You must master your tools.

When I see a programmer who can't type, I feel the same
as when I see a carpenter who can't handle a block plane.
I feel sorry for the guy, and wonder how he stumbled into
this line of work.

  • Learn to touch-type.
    Here's a hint that will double your typing speed:
    • Buy a $5 keyboard.
    • Buy a $2 can of spray paint.
    • Spray paint the keyboard white.
    • Stop looking at the keys while you type.

  • Learn to use the mouse.
    • Double-click
    • Shift-select
    • Drag-select
    • Drag-n-drop

  • Learn to cut, copy, and paste.
    Right hand on the mouse, left hand on the keyboard:
    • Ctrl-X to Cut
    • Ctrl-C to Copy
    • Ctrl-V to Paste
    If you're left handed: Ctrl-?, Ctrl->, Ctrl-<

  • Learn to search and replace.
    • Ctrl-F to Find
    • Ctrl-H to Change
    • F3 to Find Next
    • Shift-F3 to Find Previous