JavaDoc Options

My javadoc command is so long I put it in a batch file:
\jdk1.3\bin\javadoc -d \cpa\doc -author -version -windowtitle "MyProject Docs" -use -stylesheetfile \Gordon\stylesheet.css -linkoffline \jdk1.3\docs\api @packages.txt
Let's break that into manageable pieces:
-d \cpa\doc 
-windowtitle "MyProject Docs" 
-stylesheetfile \Gordon\stylesheet.css 
-linkoffline \jdk1.3\docs\api 
It relies on three external files and a url:

stylesheet.css is just a slightly modified version of jdk1.3\docs\api\stylesheet.css. (I like to specify my own colors, in order to show clearly where my docs leave off and the standard docs start.)

-linkoffline links my docs to the standard docs, so instead of saying java.lang.String (with no hyperlink) it says String and links you to the standard docs. -linkoffline takes two parameters: one a url ( and one local path specifying the directory containing the standard docs package-list file (on my machine, \jdk1.3\docs\api).

Finally, @packages.txt just specifies a text file which lists all the packages that I want to document all together at the same time.

Our Ant build file has many of the same options:
    windowtitle="Kahuna API ${versionNum}"
    <package name="kahuna.*"/>
    <sourcepath path="${buildDir}/kahuna/code"/>
    <link offline="true" href=""
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