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   Set up a system of Continuous Integration that automatically compiles your code and runs your Unit Tests.  The best system of cross-training is Pair Programming Do The Simplest Thing That Could Possibly Work. Avoid unnecessary complexity.  You Arent Gonna Need It.  Write your code with Extreme ClarityThe Source Code Is The Design.  If you have a question, Ask The Code.  And always Refactor Mercilessly.
"The development strategy is a radical departure from conventional wisdom--we will carefully craft a solution for today's problem today, and trust that we will be able to solve tomorrow's problem tomorrow."

Kent Beck has now retired to the Three Rivers Institute in Southern Oregon.

Tools & Technologies

  Java Home -- News, technology, downloads.
Bug Parade -- The bug's not in your code.
Tech Tips -- Excellent, well-written articles.
The Java Tutorial -- Surprisingly worthwhile.
Developer Connection -- Links to the above.


  The best way to learn Java is by studying for and taking the Sun Certification exams:
Programmer for Java 1.4 --  Objectives
Web Component Developer --  Objectives


  The Swing Connection including Swing Sightings and the Article Index
Java and XML -- News, articles, downloads.
Java Web Services and the Combined Docs
Java Data Objects -- OODB fo Java

Coding and Commenting

  Java Code Conventions   (PDF)
How to Write Doc Comments
Doc Check Utilities -- Lint for JavaDoc
Javadoc Home Page


  Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines
Swing Keystroke Assignments
Java L&F Graphics Repository

A Threading Demonstration, In Which Two Comedians Share a Microphone.